WBCA Partnership

by William Kelly

We are proud to officially announce our partnership with the Women's Basketball Coaches Association (WBCA). We are extremely honoured to work with the WBCA and assist with enhancing our industry and platform to help create more opportunities, support and provide training to those who want to do work in women's basketball. With the WBDA being the leader in women's basketball development we are now able to assist the WBCA by bridging the gap between college and professional basketball. The training and resources provided by the WBCA will assist us in preparing our coaches, staff and players for the level as a professional in our industry.

"We’re coaches. We’re leaders and teachers, dreamers and winners. We build excellent people, not just excellent players. We improve lives, not just records.

We’re team and community transformation agents. We’re talent managers, masters of the game, but committed to learning and pushing the limits of our own potential. We build and nurture the network of our hardworking peers. We’re driven to improve and advance the game we love through the women and girls we lead, through the fellow coaches we are lucky to call peers.

This is where we are celebrated.  This is where we grow. This is where leadership lives. This is your WBCA."      -WBCA