WBDA makes it to the Final Four in Tampa

by Greg Cobb

Finding our footing on the big stage at the Final Four

CEO William Kelly is joining WBDA team owners and staff, including Dr. Kevin Smith, Bernell Hooker, Claudene Gooden-Brooks and Ontavious McCullough among others, are spending the weekend at the NCAA Women's Final Four in Tampa, Fl. 

The group is representing the Women's Basketball Development Association at the WBCA Convention this weekend. The convention "is the perfect mixture of education, networking opportunities and fun. Held in conjunction with the NCAA Women's Final Four, it is where you can connect with colleagues at every level of the sport, celebrate the end of the season, and start preparing for the one ahead," according to their website. 

While at the convention, the team has met many prominent faces from the global basketball world. 

Earlier today, the group had the honor of mingling with representatives from the original Women's Basketball League. 

"It was an honor to meet the women that played in the Women's Basketball League, the first women's basketball league ever created. Ms. Retha is holding the (actual) first women's regulation size basketball. These legendary women are now fans of the WBDA, just as much as we are fans of them," Kelly said of his meeting with the legendary players. 

Former Memphis Grizzlies coach Lionel Hollins also stopped by for a quick snapshot with Kelly. 

The team will spend the weekend showcasing the WBDA and the opportunities the league creates for players, coaches, trainers, media, sponsors and communities. 

Congrats on a great job!